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Parameter Types

Most switches have a value that may be mandatory or optional. Sometimes it's just a number or a string, but sometimes it's more complicated than that. Some switches do not have a type, which means they do not take any parameter.

Typical types:

[on|off|true|false|1|0] A flag that can be either on (true, 1) or off (false, 0)
<int> An integer, such as a page number (usually positive)
<string> Any string
<filename> Specifies an existing file, or an output file
<password> A string that happens to be a password
<enumeration> You must choose from a list of valid values (varies)


-pages 1-5 -quality 85 -compress jpeg -embedImages on

Flags (Booleans)

Most switches are flags, which can be turned on or off. You may use one of the following values to turn a flag on:


You may use one of the following values to turn a flag off:



-embedImages on
-simpleLists off

When a parameter is missing, it defaults to on. You may simply write:

Some flags cannot be turned off, because they do not have any parameters. For example:

Page Numbers

Page numbers are integers that start with 1 for the first page.

When specifying a range of pages, you may use the following syntax: <int>-<int>. The dash character has the meaning of "through". Example: 1-5.

You may also specify the word all to convert all pages with no restriction. However, that is the default value anyway.

Note: watermarks and stamps may only be placed on either the first page, or all pages. No other options are available.


-pages 1-5
-page 1
-pages all

For readability reasons, the

switch is identical to the
switch, so they can be used interchangeably.