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Advanced Use

There are some hidden features in easyConverter that advanced users can take advantage of.

Multiple input files

Multiple input files can be specified after the -in switch. For example:

beconvh -in a.pdf b.pdf c.pdf

In this example, all three input files will be converted. The output file names are automatically chosen as a.html, b.html and c.html.

You may also use wild chars, such as *:

beconvh -in *.pdf

Since switches begin with a dash, when the first character of a file name is a dash, it may confuse easyConverter. For example:

beconvh -in a.pdf -b.pdf

The problem here is that -b.pdf is an invalid switch, which causes an error message. You can work around this issue in two ways:

beconvh -in a.pdf -in -b.pdf

The way output file names are automatically calculated is by changing the extension of the input file name. For example, a.pdf will become a.html.

Explicit output file names

You can use the -out switch to specify your preferred output file name.


beconvh -in input.pdf -out -output.htm

If there are any -out switches, you must have an equal number of input and output file names.

For example, this is invalid, because it would be very confusing:

beconvh -in a.pdf b.pdf -out -output.html

Automatic output file naming is only available when there are no -out switches at all.

Passwords and security

If your input PDF is password-protected, -password must be specified, which applies to all input files at the same time.

Also note that depending on the PDF's internal restrictions, easyConverter may refuse to accept the open password. If you do not have Extraction privileges, you cannot convert your PDF.

Return values

The command-line tool returns 0 on success (including when warnings are displayed), and a positive integer on error (when the operation could not be completed).

Error codes 1 - 19 are the same in all BCL Technologies command-line SDKs. Values 20 and higher are unique to each specific product or API.

easyConverter HTML error codes:

Code Meaning Description
0 Success Operation completed successfully. Warning may or may not be present.
1 Invalid parameter One or more parameters were invalid
2 License problem Invalid license; license or evaluation expired; the feature you are trying to use is not enabled with the license you have
3 Cannot open input Input file name is invalid; file does not exist; network is unavailable; drive was ejected; not enough permissions to access the input file.
4 Cannot create output Output file name is invalid; network is unavailable; drive was ejected or full; another application has opened the same file; not enough permission to create the output file.
5 Invalid input Input file exists, but it is invalid. Usually indicates an invalid or corrupt PDF, or any other input file parsing problem, other than password problems.
6 Invalid output Output file was created, but it is invalid. There were some problems, such as fonts could not be embedded, some issues that make the output corrupt.
7 Encrypted input Input file is encrypted, and there is no password, or the password is invalid, or the password does not give permission to complete the requested operation.
8 Timeout The whole or part of the operation has timed out. You may get better luck by increasing the timeout, because some operations take a lot of time to complete.
9 Canceled The operation has been canceled. This is very unlikely in an SDK, which has no user interaction. A callback may cancel programmatically, but the command-line SDK has no callbacks. So this is not expected to happen.
10 Access denied Temporary file could not be created; registry could not be accessed; any other system-level denial of access. Exception: if the input or output file cannot be accessed, the error codes 3 and 4 are used instead.
17 Invalid setup The product is not set up correctly. Files or registry got corrupted. Please reinstall.
18 Out of memory There was not enough memory to complete the operation. Note: it is not guaranteed that you get this error when you run out of memory. You could also get 19 - Internal error.
19 Internal error Invalid operation; unknown error; crash; access violation.
20 Page too large PDF page is too large for HTML.