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Quick Reference Card

(Only the most frequently used features are listed here)

beconvh [<Settings>] -in <InputFilename> [-out <OutputFilename>]

Common settings

-pages <range> Convert only specified pages
-fileTimeout <seconds> Timeout for each document
-quality <int> JPEG compression quality (5-100)
-method flow|absolute Conversion method
-password <password> Master password to open the PDF (if necessary)

Flow-text settings (-method flow)

-title <string> HTML <title></title> tag's content
-compress jpeg|png Image compression (use JPEG or PNG?)
-resolution <int> Image resolution (dpi)
-embedImages [on|off] Embed images inside HTML file, or use external files?
-ocred image+text|text|image|image+hiddenText How to handle special OCRed image + hidden text PDFs
-simpleLists [on|off] Use <P> (off) or <LI> (on) tags?
-connectHyphens [on|off] Connect hyphenated English dictionary words
-symbolToUnicode [on|off] Convert Symbol fonts to Times New Roman Unicode?