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Control Switches

The following switches control the command-line application, instead of easyConverter SDK.


Description: Displays the SDK version number


Description: Switches to Silent Mode, where only errors that are considered failures are displayed. Warnings and progress messages are not displayed.

Note: If the -version switch is used with -silent, the version information is displayed.

Common Settings

-pages all|<int>-<int> or -page <int>

Description: Restricts the conversion to the specified range of pages. Use a single page number, or a range, such as -pages 1-5.

Type: a range of pages

Default: all

-fileTimeout <seconds>

Description: Maximum time allowed to convert each document.

Type: integer (seconds)

Default: 300 seconds (= 5 minutes)

-quality <int>

Description: Specifies image compression quality for JPEG. Quality is not a percentage, and it is highly non-linear (quality will fall steeply as the value decreases). Even a quality of 100 is not necessarily perfectly lossless. Quality is ignored for PNG images.

Type: integer, range: 5-100

Default: 85

-method flow|absolute

Description: The conversion method:

Type: enumeration: (flow, absolute)

Default: flow

-password <password>

Description: Master password to open the PDF (if necessary). Password must give unrestricted content extraction permissions.

Type: string (ASCII)

Default: none (blank)

Flow Text Settings

The following settings only apply for -method flow, which is the default method.

-title <string>

Description: The content that goes inside the HTML's <title></title> tag. Feel free to override this with your own title or description otherwise BCL branding will be used. Make sure you use double quotes around your text, such as -title "Sample Document".

Type: string

Default: Created by BCL easyConverter SDK 5 (HTML Version)

-compress jpeg|png or -compression jpeg|png

Description: Determines whether the output images are JPEG or PNG.

Type: enumeration: (jpeg, png)

Default: jpeg

-resolution <int> or -res <int>

Description: Specifies the resolution for the output images in dpi.

Type: integer, range: 8-600 pixels per inch

Default: 96 dpi

-embedImages [on|off]

Description: Determines whether images are embedded inside the HTML file using Base64 encoding (on), or written out as external .jpg/.png files (off). Embedded images are larger, but the HTML file is self-contained. When external image files are used, you must keep them together with the HTML file. External images are always placed in a separate directory. If you move or delete your HTML file, you should also move/delete your images folder with it.

Type: Flag (on when switch is without value)

Default: off (external image files)

-ocred image+text|text|image|image+hiddenText

Description: How to handle special OCRed PDFs that only contain full-page images with hidden text. OCR engines can provide such output. The text is selectable, but invisible. Choices:

Note: this setting is ignored unless the PDF was produced by an OCR engine based on a scanned image.

Type: enumeration: (image+text, text, image, image+hiddenText)

Default: image+text

-simpleLists [on|off]

Description: Determines whether to use <P> (off) or <LI> (on) tags for list items. The <LI> tag offers limited physical formatting capabilities. If your goal is to get the richest logical content, set -simpleLists on, and you will get <LI> tags. However, if you require the best visual accuracy, leave -simpleLists off, which is the default setting.

Summary: off is more visually correct, on is more logically correct.

Type: Flag (on when switch is without value)

Default: off

-connectHyphens [on|off]

Description: Determines whether to re-connect hyphenated words. Only works for basic English dictionary words that are hyphenated at the end of a line. This does not remove hyphens from expressions that require a hyphen, such as "counter-clockwise" or "well-intentioned". Only works for English, due to special grammatical (stemming) rules. You cannot simply replace the dictionary with a different language.

Type: Flag (on when switch is without value)

Default: off

-symbolToUnicode [on|off]

Description: Determines whether to translate the Symbol font to Times New Roman Unicode. We strongly recommend that you leave this on, unless you can guarantee that your HTML will only be viewed by Internet Explorer on Windows. It is not recommended to use the Symbol font in HTML files. Turning this off may produce an HTML that looks corrupt on macOS, iOS, Android and Linux.

Type: Flag (on when switch is without value)

Default: on