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With the shift to our own In-House License Manager, support for the third party Nalpeiron License Manager used with easyPDF SDK 6 has officially ended as of 06/15/2015.
All customers currently using easyPDF SDK 6 should consider upgrading as soon as possible. If you have or suspect you have the Nalpeiron License Manager and wish to upgrade, please contact your Account Representative, or contact our Support Team.

PDF SDK Knowledgebase

Sample Methods

Merge All of the PDF Documents in a Directory

Duplicate Pages in an Existing PDF



Are new versions of BCL’s PDF SDK compatible with applications programmed to use the old version?

PDF/A and PDF/X Support

Open Office Support

Is easy PDF SDK 7 compatible with Windows 10?


Server and Loader Operation

What is the Loader Object and why does it exist?

What about Java with BCL's easyPDF SDK and the Loader object?

What about the other PDF SDK objects like Processor, Converter, and Document, or a Desktop Application?

How does the Loader Object interact with the Non-Thread-Safe methods like PrinterSetting.Save()?

Do I really have to configure the Loader Service to run through a user account every time I install BCL’s PDF SDK?

What if the Host PDF application is run as different user

Do I need to have an Interactive User Session logged into the machine?

How do I convert Word documents to PDF without installing MS Word in the conversion server?

Setting up Loader Object

Getting MS Office ready for server use

Configuring COM Security settings

Can Word / Office be automated on a server safely?

How to setup easyPDF SDK in a server environment

Why do I need to re enter the easyPDF user password to start the loader service each time the server reboots?

When do I need to use the Loader?



How do I set PDF Properties in Languages like Java?



I get this Error "Font embedding failed"


Word to PDF

What is easy PDF SDK’s WordPrintJobEx?

Why does it take Word so long to open?


Native Office

What is NativeOfficePDF?



Can I encrypt a PDF file to prevent it from being saved?


Document types

How do I convert documents other than MSOffice to PDF?



How to print PDF to PDF?

How to use easyPDF SDK's Virtual Printer to enable File > Print function in your application?

Managing timeout during PDF creation with easyPDF SDK

I get the following error message when installing easyPDFSDK: AddPrinterDriverEx: The system cannot find the file specified.

I get the following error message when installing easyPDFSDK: "Unable to Add Printer Driver, the Printer Already Exists"

Conversion failed: Unable to set default printer


Install, Update, Licensing

Upgrading to version 8.0

Requesting Trial Extension

Running BCL easyPDF SDK in 64-bit environment



Using the easyPDF Objects

Using easyPDF SDK

Using easyPDF SDK in .NET environment

Unable to open input / output file

Can we convert XLSX and DOCX files?

Why can't I convert TIFF files?

ASP Error : Error Type: (0x8005000A)

PRN_R_PRINTER_ACCESS_DENIED happens when the easyPDF SDK does not have permission to access the printer.

Why do I receive "Conversion failed"?

Unknown Error -71

ASP Error 0178 (0x80070005) access denied

Unable to open input document - Insufficient Memory to open Word doc.

Installing SDK 6.1+ gives error 1722 - There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.



Unable to open host application

Host application is run as different user



Why are hyperlinks not converted correctly from HTML?



How do I use custom papersizes?

Can I add page numbers to the PDF?



InstallPrinterDriverEx: overlapped I/O operation is in progress (997) error



Does easyPDF SDK support virtualized environments (VM)?



How do I build a multi-threaded PDF Application with easyPDF SDK?


COM Objects

What is the difference between Native .NET PDF C# API and the regular COM based PDF C# objects?

easy PDF C# API on the Server-Side: When to use the Loader and when to use impersonation on C# .NET API and C# COM Objects?


Release 8.0.26

easy PDF SDK release 8.0.36



What are the differences between the Licensing Methods available for easy PDF SDK and easyConverter SDK?



What are the steps to Decommission/Commission a PDF SDK Machine?



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