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Can Word / Office be automated on a server safely?

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2014

Extensive work has been put into ensuring the easyPDF SDK can handle Word. As you can see from our interface, we don’t ask the developer to call Word themselves. We specifically designed the software so that easyPDF SDK interfaces with Word directly.

easyPDF SDK will open Word in its processing space and keep monitoring the Word application itself. If Word crashes, easyPDF will return the error code to the programmer without the crash affecting other Word job/conversions. Alternatively, if Word hangs easyPDF will constantly monitor its status and a timeout mechanism is in place which will, if exceeded, cause easyPDF to terminate Word and return the proper error code.

All of these are done transparently so that programmers don’t have to worry about managing office application themselves. However properties such as the Timeout settings are available for the more advanced user to set to their own desired value, including potentially disabling them entirely.

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