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What are the differences between the Licensing Methods available for easy PDF SDK and easyConverter SDK?

Last Updated:12/1/2016

BCL's PDF SDK Online Activation;
Accessed through the Activation Tab in the SDK’s Action Center, this allows you to Activate the BCL's PDF SDK via an Automated Online Activation Process. This requires a specific type of License Key, which will allow you to activate the PDF SDK on a specific number of machines. Fortunately, once you have the key in question, you may activate and de-activate the PDF SDK on any Machines without contacting BCL Technologies. This method activates the PDF SDK on the Machine Itself, meaning any and all applications which use the PDF SDK from that machine will work with the same License Key. This method requires an Active Internet Connection.

BCL's PDF SDK Offline Activation;
Again accessed through the Activation Tab of the Action Center, this requires you sending your Machine’s Unique ID to BCL Technologies. We will then send you a Unique Unlocking Certificate to Activate the PDF SDK on your Machine. This method also activates the PSD SDK on the Machine Itself, and does not require an active Internet Connection.

BCL's PDF SDK OEM Licensing;
The in-code version is for OEM easyPDF SDK customers primarily. For This version, the license key is entered directly into the code of your application. In the current version of the Action Center, the Activation Tab will contain instructions on how to use the OEM License if that is the version of the SDK that is installed.


Set oPrinter = CreateObject("easyPDF.Printer.8")

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