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What are the steps to Decommission/Commission a PDF SDK Machine?

Last Updated:11/17/2016

To Decommission your old server follow these steps:

1. If you are using the Online or Off-Line Activation, Open the SDK's Action Center and Navigate to the Activation Tab. From here you can De-Activate your SDK. If you are using the Online Activation, be sure to record your License Key so you can Re-Activate on your new machine. If you are using the Off-Line Activation you will need to send the Machine ID of your new machine to your Account Representative to obtain a new License Key for your next machine. If you are using the In-Code Method, then simply Uninstalling in Step 4 will finish the De-Activation.

2. Clean the PDF SDK Printer Queue. This can be done from the Devices and Printers window by Right Clicking the PDF SDK Printer and selecting ‘See what’s printing’. Then selecting Printer→Cancel All Documents. We also ship an application to Clean the Printer Queue for you which is available through the SDK’s Start Menu Folder.

3. Make sure the “BCL easyPDF SDK # Loader” Service is Stopped. The ‘#’ is the Version Number of the PDF SDK, either a 6, 7 or 8. This is done through Windows “Services”. A restart may be required to stop the BCL service.

4. Uninstall the PDF SDK from the Machine’s Control Panel→Programs and Features Window.

To Commission your new server follow these steps:

1. Install easyPDF SDK using the installer.

2. Activate your PDF SDK using the “Activation” tab of the SDK’s Action Center if you are using either the On-line or Off-line Activation Method. If using the in-code version activate your easyPDF using the your retained license key in the code of your application.

3.1 If you are using the PDF SDK on a Server or through a Web App, Configure the Loader’s Security as described below:

a. About easyPDF SDK Loader Object

b. Microsoft Office Setup

c. COM Security Setup

3.2 If you are using PDF Java API, be sure to properly configure the System’s Environment Variables as described below:

a. Java Support via JACOB

4. Your PDF SDK is ready for use.Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

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