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What is NativeOfficePDF?

Last Updated: April 4, 2014

The NativeOfficePDF Plugin added two new File Types for Word to save directly to, PDF, and Microsoft's equivalent, XPS to easy PDF SDK.  Depending on what option you choose for WordPrintJobEx.NativeOfficePDF it will determine which of these file types easy PDF SDK saves Word to.  If NativeOfficePDF is set to false, then easy PDF SDK uses Word to save the input document to an XPS, and then Print that XPS through its Virtual Printer.  If NativeOfficePDF is set to True, easy PDF SDK just saves word directly to PDF.

Unfortunately, because setting NativeOfficePDF to true means easy PDF SDK’s Printer does not actually get involved in the conversion, this means that Printer.PrinterSettings will not be applied.  In addition, neither will most of the PrintJob.PDFSettings you have chosen.  All of the document's formatting and properties will be decided by Word itself.  As such easy PDF SDK loses a lot of control over the actual details of the conversion process.  However, the option is still provided to provide the greatest degree of compatibility, adaptability, and user choice.

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