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What is easy PDF SDK’s WordPrintJobEx?

Last Updated: April 4, 2014

The **PrintJobEx, or Extended, PrintJob objects are a relatively new addition to the easy PDF SDK.  The first, WordPrintJobEx, was added near the end of easy PDF SDK 6.3 to help support Microsoft Windows Vista and 7, as changes imposed by Microsoft required an Interactive User Session to remain logged into the machine at all times, which is not generally feasible or secure for a Server Environment.  Fortunately, by using certain new additions to Microsoft Office itself, we were able to work around these limitations, and WordPrintJobEx was the result of those efforts.

easy PDF SDK’s WordPrintJobEx approaches the conversion from a fundamentally different direction then WordPrintJob.  Whereas WordPrintJob Prints the document to easy PDF SDK’s virtual Printer, WordPrintJobEx instead takes advantage of Microsoft Word's new ability to save directly to PDF, and XPS, to run the conversion.  In effect, WordPrintJobEx bypasses easyPDF SDK’s Virtual Printer.  Because of this, to use WordPrintJobEx you must have at least Microsoft Office 2007 with the free "Save as XPS or PDF" plug-in installed on your machine.  This Plug-in is included in the default installation of Office 2010 and above.  Without this plug-in, Microsoft Word does not have access to the tools WordPrintJobEx requires.

In easy PDF SDK 7 we expanded upon the **PrintJobEx concept and introduced other such **PrintJobEx objects for the other major Microsoft Office Objects, such as ExcelPrintJobEx and PowerPointPrintJobEx.  We also added PrintJob.OfficePreference which can determine which objects to use when you allow PrintJob to sort the documents for you.

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