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How do I use easy PDF API to convert TXT and RTF documents to PDF without installing MS Word?

Last Updated: 3/13/2014

You may occasionally want to print one of the officially supported file types without using the standard host application our PDF API assumes will be present.  One of the most common instances of this is printing text documents and .rtf files to PDF without having Word installed on the machine.  Our PDF API assumes that Office will be installed, and attempts to use Word to print .txt and .rtf files, even if Word is not installed.  However if you don't want to install Word our PDF API can process .txt and .rtf files through Notepad or Wordpad instead.

In order to make use of this, you should make sure the application you want to use is set as the default application to open the particular file type.  Then switch your code to use the easy PDF API Printer.The easy PDF API GenericPrintJob.PrintOut().  GenericPrintJob is the most basic PrintJob object we have available.  It uses only the basic logic and does not have any assumptions or file type specific exceptions built into it.  It also has no special properties or different conversion methods. PDF API GenericPrintJob is affected by the PrinterSetting and PDFSetting objects just like PrintJob is, so you do not lose all control.

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