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Are new versions of BCL’s PDF SDK compatible with applications programmed to use the old version?

Last Updated: 4/24/2014

BCL’s PDF SDK divides its updates into Major and Minor Builds, and we denote our Build with a number following the format M.0.mm.  For instance, at the time of this writing, the current build of the easyPDF SDK is 7.0.93.

If the Major build changes, your application will need to be recompiled.  This is because each Major Build has its own Interface ID within the Windows GAC (Global Assembly Cache).  Updating this Interface ID also changes the CLSID and the Public Key Token within the GAC, and will thus require that you remove and re-add your References to your application.

However, if only the Minor Build changed, then the Public Key Tokens, CLSID, and Interface IDs all remain the same, and thus you will not need to change anything about your Application, you will just need to uninstall PDF SDK and Reinstall the new version.

That said, we do preserve our syntax across even Major Builds, so provided there are not significant changes to how we handle a certain aspect of BCL’s PDF SDK, you will not need to make any significant changes to the actual code of your application beyond updating the references.  Of course if we have made a significant change, such as the new way of handling the Output File Formats for easyConverter SDK, you may need to make some small changes, depending on the extent of the changes.  In the case of the Output File changes, we have merged several Properties and automated the entire system.

All major changes will be documented in the Manual for PDF SDK.

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