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Using easyPDF SDK in .NET environment

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BCL easyPDF SDK only supports .NET Framework 2.0 or above.

BCL easyPDF SDK API provides a COM object that is available to .NET programmers.
To use easyPDF SDK's COM Object in .NET, follow these steps:

  1. Add reference to your project
  2. Specify name space
  3. Write a couple lines of code

1. Add reference to your project

In the Visual Studio .NET editing environment, add a reference to BCL easyPDF SDK 7 Type Libraries you want to control in your application. In the Add Reference dialog box, click the COM tab. BCL easyPDF SDK Libraries appear as follows:

  • BCL easyPDF Converter SDK 7 Type Library (to convert PDF to image formats)
  • BCL easyPDF Document SDK 7 Type Library (to insert and extract values from PDF forms)
  • BCL easyPDF Processor SDK 7 Type Library (to manipulate PDF, e.g. merge, split, etc)
  • BCL easyPDF Printer SDK 7 Type Library (to convert documents to PDF)
  • BCL easyPDF SDK Loader 7 Type Library (a helper object for running Printer SDK on server environment)

Select one or more of the above Libraries.

2. Specify namespace


3. Write a couple lines of code


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