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Processing PDF Form Fields in ASP.NET


  • Extract, insert, and update data in PDF Forms.

Code Snippet

Download the input.pdf form (line 27 below)

  1. ...
  2. 'this example takes the first two fields in a PDF template
  3. 'which are Name and Address and populates them with values
  4. 'of "BCL Technologies" and "Santa Clara, CA"
  5. Dim oLoader As Loader = Server.CreateObject("easyPDF.Loader.7")
  6. Dim oConverter As PDFDocument = oLoader.LoadObject("easyPDF.PDFDocument.7")
  7. oDocument.Open(Server.MapPath("../input.pdf"))
  8. 'get all form fields from the PDF
  9. Dim oFormFields As FormFields = oDocument.FormFields
  10. 'get the first form field
  11. Dim oFormField As FormField = oFormFields.Item(0)
  12. Dim oTextField As TextField
  13. If oFormField.Type = docFormFieldType.DOC_FRMTYPE_TEXT And oFormField.Name = "Name" Then
  14. 'set Name to "BCL Technologies"
  15. oTextField = oFormField
  16. oTextField.Value = "BCL Technologies"
  17. End If
  18. 'get the second form field
  19. oFormField = oFormFields.Item(1)
  20. If oFormField.Type = docFormFieldType.DOC_FRMTYPE_TEXT And oFormField.Name = "Address" Then
  21. 'set Address to "Santa Clara, CA"
  22. oTextField = oFormField
  23. oTextField.Value = "Santa Clara, CA"
  24. End If
  25. oDocument.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("./output.pdf"))

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