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Processing PDF Form Fields in C++


  • Extract, insert, and update data in PDF Forms.

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Download the input.pdf form (highlighted below)

// this example takes the first two fields in a PDF template
// which are Name and Address
// and populates them with values of "BCL Technologies" and "Santa Clara, CA"
EasyPDFDocument::IPDFDocumentPtr oDocument;
// get all form fields from the PDF
EasyPDFDocument::IFormFieldsPtr oFormFields = oDocument->FormFields;
// get the first form field
EasyPDFDocument::IFormFieldPtr oFormField = oFormFields->Item[0];
EasyPDFDocument::ITextFieldPtr oTextField;
if (oFormField->Type == EasyPDFDocument::DOC_FRMTYPE_TEXT && oFormField->Name == _bstr_t("Name"))
	// set Name to "BCL Technologies"
	oTextField = oFormField;
	oTextField->Value = "BCL Technologies";
// get the second form field
oFormField = oFormFields->Item[1];
if (oFormField->Type == EasyPDFDocument::DOC_FRMTYPE_TEXT && oFormField->Name == _bstr_t("Address"))
	// set Address to "Santa Clara, CA"
	oTextField = oFormField;
	oTextField->Value = "Santa Clara, CA";


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