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C++ Sample Projects

Creating PDF

Convert a document into PDF
This is a simple, bare-bone program that converts a document into PDF.

Convert a document into PDF using PrintOut3 method
This is a modified version of Printer (Basic) sample code. It demonstrates how to use PrintOut3 method from C++.

Batch PDF conversion
This is a sample program to show how to perform a batch PDF conversion. When the process starts, it grabs all the files in the specified input folder, and converts them into PDF one by one. Converted PDF will be stored in specified output path.


Convert to PDF using File > Print menu
This sample program shows you how to let people convert to PDF using application's "File"->"Print" menu (i.e., Open a document with Word, and then start printing from within Word). This feature will be useful for creating a client-side application. Please note that this program will not work if you print a document using another program that uses easyPDF SDK's PrintOut method (since they're the owner of the print job, and therefore they'll have higher priority than this program).

Printer tray
This sample program is an advanced version of the "Convert to PDF using File > Print menu" sample above. This program stays in task tray and monitors easyPDF SDK printing activities. A status dialog appears once you start printing, and disappears when the printing ends.



Catch events from printer driver
This is a sample program to show how to catch events from printer driver. This program uses PrintJobMonitor to catch events from printer driver.


Processing PDF

PDF Processor Handle
An example that shows you how to use the PDFProcessorHandle class to perform a sequence of operations on a PDF file.



Rasterizing PDF

Convert PDF to Images
This is a sample program to show how to convert a PDF into image. This program also shows how to use PDFConverterMonitor to catch events from the PDFConverter.



Processing PDF Form Fields

Extract PDF Form Data
This sample program shows you how to extract PDF form data.

View and Edit PDF Form Fields
This sample program shows you how to view and edit PDF form fields.




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Comprehensive PDF Features

C++ Sample Projects

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We evaluated many PDF tools and drivers. We even wrote our own. Except for BCL’s easyPDF SDK, all had limitations we couldn’t live with. Some only converted from MS Office and not very well. Others could not do annotation or text stamping on PDF documents. None were as easy to use and as easy to integrate.” Read the case study

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