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Creating PDF with Java


  • Convert printable documents to PDF at high speed.
  • Support for 64-bit versions of Windows 2003/2008/Vista/XP.
  • PDF/A Standard support for long term archiving of electronic documents.
  • PDF/X Standard support for exchange of print-ready PDF files in printing/advertising industries.
  • XPS Support (Supports XPS to PDF conversion. Requirement: .NET Framework 3.0 or above).
  • Automatic and CSS-driven pagination (smarter page break, developers can also manually control whether they want to have page break or not).
  • Automatically handle any exception or error message that may occur in converting HTML and Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio) to PDF.
  • Support many PDF features such as Font Embedding & Subsetting, Image compression, Metadata, PDF Security (e.g. set permission to print, edit), Digital Signature & Stamping, Watermark, PDF Viewer setting.
  • Control printer settings such as graphic resolution & scaling, paper orientation & size, printer color.

Sample Java Project File

This program demonstrates easyPDF SDK ability to convert a file with supported format to a PDF file.
Usage: java TestPrintJob [input file name] [output file name]

import com.bcl.easypdf.*;
import com.bcl.easypdf.EasyPDFPrinter.*;
import java.io.File;

public class TestPrintJob
	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
		if (args.length == 2)
			File inputFile = new File(args[0]);
			String inputFileName = inputFile.getCanonicalPath();

			File outputFile = new File(args[1]);
			String outputFileName = outputFile.getCanonicalPath();


			IPrinter printer = new IPrinter();
			IPrintJob pj = printer.getPrintJob();
			pj.PrintOut(inputFileName, outputFileName);

			System.out.println("Usage: java TestPrintJob [input file name] [output file name]");
			System.out.println("For example:");
			System.out.println("java TestPrintJob c:\\input\\hello.doc c:\\output\\hello.pdf");


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BCL easyPDF SDK is a commercially supported PDF toolkit.

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  • “We use easyPDF SDK technology for PDF conversion and it works very well. We knew BCL is a solid company. We have also looked at several competitors and tried to use their products, but we like easyPDF SDK the best. When we talked to BCL Technologies’ design engineering team, we knew they had the knowledge and confidence to solve our problems.

    - Chris Babiasz, MSWireless
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