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About easyPDF SDK Loader Object

What is the easyPDF SDK Loader Object?

The easyPDF SDK Loader Object is a helper object to enable easyPDF SDK on server-side environment.

If easyPDF SDK is used in a server environment (either directly or indirectly), you need to access easyPDF SDK through this object, instead of accessing them directly. The Loader object eliminates many of the server-side configuration that you would otherwise have to deal with.

Instead of this way:

Set oPrinter = Server.CreateObject("easyPDF.Printer.8")
Set oPrintJob = oPrinter.PrintJob

Do it this way:

Set oLoader = Server.CreateObject("easyPDF.Loader.8")
Set oPrinter = oLoader.LoadObject("easyPDF.Printer.8")
Set oPrintJob = oPrinter.PrintJob

Note: The new Native API introduces an alternative solution called Impersonation, which replaces the Loader Service. However, the classic COM API requires the use of the Loader Service on the server side.

easyPDF SDK Loader Setup

Before using the easyPDF SDK Loader object, you need to take a few easy steps described below to configure Windows Service setting.

Create and initialize an easyPDF SDK user account:

  1. Log on to the computer as the Administrator and create a new user account that will automate easyPDF SDK. In our example, this account is named easyPDF8User. Create a password for this user account, and select Never expire so that the password does not have to be changed.
  2. Add the easyPDF8User account to the Administrators group.


Configure Windows Service setting:

  1. Log on to the computer as the Administrator.
  2. From Control Panel, launch Administrative Tools.
  3. From Administrative Tools, launch Services.

  4. Select and double-click on BCL easyPDF SDK 8 Loader to bring up the BCL easyPDF SDK 8 Loader Properties dialog.

    Note: If you do not see it in the list, please run the easyPDF SDK installer again and perform repair.

  5. Click the Log On tab. Select This account and type the username and password for easyPDF8User .

  6. Click OK to close the property dialog box and return to the main Services window.
  7. Start the BCL easyPDF SDK 8 Loader .

  8. Close the Services window.