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BCL easyPDF SDK6.3

easyPDF SDK Version 8.0 Updates

SDK Action Center

  • To help get new customers acquainted with the SDK, we have also created a new Centralized Action Center. This Action Center can guide new users through all of the steps needed to start working with the SDK, from Activation, through Samples, all the way to the Documentation, providing a single point of access to all major features of the SDK, including our new SDK API Explorers. Click here to see our Best PDF SDK. Program in VB, C#, Java, ASP.NET, C++ - BCL easy PDF SDK | PDF Online

SDK API Explorers

  • In addition to the SDK Action Center, we now have a set of API Explorers designed to help even Novices program and deploy their own applications. No Coding Experience is necessary, as our API Explorers provide a Graphical Interface to select functions and provide relevant settings, and can not only write the code for an application in a number of different programming languages, but compile that application on the spot or export Project Files for use with IDEs such as Visual Studio, all while taking advantage of our new Native SDK APIs.

Native SDK APIs

  • The New Features of easyPDF SDK 8 extend beyond Interface Changes, as you now have even more choices than ever before when accessing the functionality of easyPDF SDK. The older COM based method still exists, however now you can access our SDK APIs directly through their brand new Native APIs through both .Net and Java. These Native APIs do not rely on the aging COM Object Architecture, and instead are provided as a set of Native DLL files that you can reference and include in your application. In addition, these Native APIs were specifically designed to accommodate new and more secure methods of accessing the SDK in a Server Environment via Impersonation.

SDK Server-side Impersonation

  • The new Native SDK APIs also provide new ways of using the SDK on a Server which are more secure, and provide greater flexibility to accommodate different work environments through the use of User Impersonation. This removes the need for a dedicated Service to run the SDK on a Server, and allows the customer to more securely store their User information using Windows' built in Security.

New PDF Printer APIs

New PDF Processor APIs

easyPDF SDK Version 7.0 Updates

New PDF Printer APIs

You now have more choices than ever before when converting Office documents to PDF.  In Version 7.0, Office 2007 and 2010 users can take advantage of the following new APIs. They allow conversion of Office documents to PDF in server environments without requiring an interactive user. They also offer a variety of specialized conversion options for XLS/XLSX, PUB, VSD, and PPT/PPTX documents.

Also new are APIs that allow you to set conversion options:

New PDF Processor APIs


easyPDF SDK Version 6.3

PDF Printer API

  • Eliminate Microsoft Office dependency from your workflow!
    Version 6.3 introduces OpenOfficePrintJob, which allows Word, Excel and PowerPoint conversion with OpenOffice.
  • OutlookPrintJob for converting Outlook documents into PDF.
    This requires Microsoft Outlook. Learn more about OutlookPrintJob Object.

All APIs

  • 64-bit Java integration.
    Finally easyPDF SDK offers a comprehensive interface to the native 64-bit JRE/JDK.

easyPDF SDK Version 6.2

PDF Printer API

  • More choices than ever when converting Word documents to PDF. In Version 6.2, Office 2007 users can take advantage of WordPrintJobEx, which offers two modes of operation and a multitude of options for Word conversions. Key enhancements in WordPrintJobEx include:
    • Quicker conversions and
    • Significantly improved hyperlink support.
  • Conversion of Office documents to PDF in server environments without an interactive user. In previous versions of easyPDF SDK, a user had to be logged on to the server in order to enable Office conversions. This requirement has been eliminated (NOTE: elimination of this requirement for Word conversions is only available when using WordPrintJobEx).
  • Improved XPS support: Hyperlink, internal link, and bookmark retention, plus automatic paper size support, are now part of XPS to PDF conversions.

PDF Processor API

  • In-memory PDF decryption and encryption support. The PDFProcessorHandle object now supports efficient processing of encrypted PDFs, as well as the ability to decrypt and encrypt PDFs.
  • Unicode filenames are now supported by all Processor API calls.

PDF Document API

  • easyPDF SDK's Document API now supports Unicode filenames.


easyPDF SDK Version 6.1

PDF Document API

  • XFA form field support: Previous versions of BCL easyPDF SDK's Document API supported setting and getting values to and from AcroForm type form fields. Version 6.1 extends this support to XFA (XML Forms Architecture) form fields as well.

PDF Processor API

  • In-memory PDF post-processing: Earlier versions of BCL easyPDF SDK's Processor API required opening and closing a PDF, and reading and writing it from and to the file system, each time an operation (e.g., getting the page count) or modification (e.g., adding a watermark) was done to it. In version 6.1, many post-processing operations are allowed in memory. This means that a PDF file can be opened just once (either from a physical file or from memory) and have many operations performed on it without needing to repeatedly close and reopen it or accessing the file system. For workflows that require extensive PDF post-processing, this can offer substantial performance gains. For the specific post-processing operations that are allowed in memory, please see the PDFProcessorHandle object.

Other Improvements

  • Asian language support for hyperlinks/bookmarks feature
    • Added Type0 font support to the hyperlink/bookmark feature.
    • Fixed a problem that caused extremely long words (those that roll over from the bottom of a page to the top of the next one) to miss all hyperlinks. Such words do not exist in European languages, but it happens in Asian documents. This fix is a compromise between feature and speed, and does not cover multi-column rollovers.
  • Implemented repeated shape optimization.
    • Consider that you have a shape that you paint repeatedly, perhaps 100s of times. It can be a star, a logo, or just dots. This would normally cause the PDF file size to skyrocket. With this new optimization we can now compress the PDF significantly better. For example, when printing an HTML file that contains tables with dotted lines, this new feature can provide a 5 times more compact output than before.
  • Windows 7 support


easyPDF SDK Version 6.0

Support for 64-bit Server Environment

  1. BCL easyPDF SDK 6.0, like previous versions, supports Win32 platforms. Unlike previous versions, however, it now also supports Win64 running on the x64 chip set. The 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the SDK are separate packages, so be sure to use the correct one for your operating system as they are not interchangeable. Read the Instructions for 64-bit deployment .

PDF Printer API

  1. PDF/A/X generation API - BCL easyPDF SDK supports PDF Generation of PDF/A-1b, PDF/X-1 and PDF/X-3 for long term archiving and reliable prepress data interchange. BCL APIs enable developers to easily create 100% PDF/A/X compliant documents.
  2. CMYK Output API - within the PDF/A/X specification.
  3. XPS Support (Supports XPS to PDF conversion. Requirement: .NET Framework 3.0 or above).
  4. Handles "Invalid Margin" errors in MS Word by giving developers options to either scale the document or crop the the unprintable areas outside of the invalid margins.
  5. Compression for B&W images, which greatly reduces file size and many times more compact than ZIP.
  6. Automatic and CSS-driven pagination (smarter page break, developers can also manually control whether they want to have page break or not).
  7. Added support for transparent images.
  8. Added wait time for loading website page (For a HTML page containing an embedded object such as Java applet, they are sometimes not printed correctly because the applet rendering can happen after the page is completely loaded. Developers can now use this property to wait until the rendering from the embedded object is finished.)
  9. Several enhancements and fixes to improve stability, speed, and performance. Some examples includes: Office, Visio, hyperlink, bookmark, merge batch, etc.
  10. Support for standard hatched pattern brushes.
  11. Support for single-page old-style JPEG TIFF.
  12. Added EnableAutoMacros as a new Boolean property in ExcelPrintJob. It specifies whether auto execute macros are enabled.

PDF Converter API

  1. PDF to EMF (Enhanced Metafile) image conversions. EMF is a vector graphic format, which means it's infinitely scalable, much smaller in size, and contains real text, lines and rectangles instead of pixels.

PDF Processor API

  1. Support Merge Batch (Merges a sequence of PDF files into one).
  2. Add Digital Signature and Set Document Info XMP To Existing PDF Files Without Recreating PDFs.
  3. Adds document-level file attachment to the PDF file. The file will appear in the attachment tab.
  4. Support for adding Text to existing PDF documents using TrueType Fonts.
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