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How to write a HTML to PDF PHP App:

  1. Download and run easy PDF Action Center.
  2. Select PHP as your language.
  3. Select HTML as your source file type.
  4. Select the features you want in your PDF.
  5. Download your PHP HTML to PDF project.
  6. Or download PHP code to include in your HTML to PDF app.

You need a few lines of PHP code to build an HTML to PDF PHP application:

 // get the name of the input PDF
  $inputFile = "C:\\PHP\\Test1.html";
  // get the name of the output MS-WORD file
  $outputFile = "C:\\PHP\\Test1.pdf";
  try {
    echo "Printing!";
   $loader_ojb = new COM("easyPDF.Loader.8");
   $printr_obj = $loader_ojb->LoadObject("easyPDF.Printer.8");
   $print_job = $printr_obj->IEPrintJob;
   $print_job->PrintOut($inputFile, $outputFile);
   print " DONE! ";
  catch (Exception $exception) {
    print "\r\n    ERROR :  ";
    print $exception->getMessage();
    print "\r\n" ;
    print $print_job->ConversionResultMessage();
    print "\r\n" ;
    print $print_job->PrinterResultMessage();

Here are PDF Features for HTML to PDF PHP Programming

BCL HTML to PDF API provides a high-level PHP API for converting numerous file formats to PDF, modifying existing PDF files, converting PDF files to a variety of image formats, and populating PDF form fields. It is a commercially supported toolkit that is powerful and easy to use in any PHP application that works with PDF documents.

BCL HTML to PDF API is engineered to withstand the rigors of server-side use but is flexible enough for both server and desktop deployments. A few lines of code are all that are required to generate and post-process your PDF documents in PHP.

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  • We evaluated many PDF tools and drivers. We even wrote our own. Except for BCL’s easy PDF SDK, all had limitations we couldn’t live with. Some only converted from MS Office and not very well. Others could not do annotation or text stamping on PDF documents. None were as easy to use and as easy to integrate.

    - Shaun Hess, Software Architect TaxWorks
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