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SymbolFontToUnicode Property

Determines whether to translate the Symbol font to Times New Roman Unicode.

Sub SymbolFontToUnicode(newVal As Bool)



True means translate the Symbol font to Times New Roman Unicode (this is the default). False means keep the Symbol font (not recommended in general).


Note that it is not recommended to use the Symbol font in HTML files, mainly because it is not portable. Only Microsoft Windows has the Symbol font, which means it may not be rendered correctly on other operating systems, smart phones and tablets. Most users are far better off with standard Unicode characters than with the proprietary Symbol character set.

Exception Handling

Please refer to the list of return exceptions.

Example Usage

oConverter = CreateObject("EasyConverter.PDF2HTML.4")

' Translate symbol fonts to Unicode
oConverter.SymbolFontToUnicode = True
Call oConverter.ConvertToHTML(inFileName, outFileName)