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WordConversionTimeout Property

Timeout for the Word automation (in milliseconds).

Sub WordConversionTimeout(newVal As Long)



Timeout value in millisecond.


When you are generating a DOC/DOCX output via Office automation, the conversion is performed in two phases. First, the PDF is converted into RTF, then the RTF is converted into DOC/DOCX. Each phase has its own independent timeout.

This property controls the RTF to DOC/DOCX conversion phase timeout. You should also set the FileConversionTimeout property. The total timeout per document is FileConversionTimeout + WordConversionTimeout.

Exception Handling

Please refer to the list of return exceptions.

Example Usage

oConverter = CreateObject("EasyConverter.PDF2Word.4")

' Set document conversion timeout value to 5 + 5 minutes 
oConverter.FileConversionTimeout = 5 * 60000  ' timeout for the PDF to RTF phase
oConverter.WordConversionTimeout = 5 * 60000  ' timeout for the RTF to DOC phase
oConverter.OutputDocumentFormat = OPT_OUTPUT_DOC_VIA_OFFICE
Call oConverter.ConvertToWord(inFileName, outFileName)