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What are the easyConverter Objects


The easyConverter SDK Objects are a group of COM objects which contain the functionality to convert PDF to Word files.


Object Use
PDF2Word Object Converting PDF to Word
Loader Object Helper object for running easyConverter SDK on server environment


The objects were written in Visual C++ using ATL. The result is a set of extremely small, fast and efficient COM objects. The easyConverter Objects are designed to run on 32-Bit and 64-bit Windows implementations running on Intel processors. Each object is contained in its own DLL.


Object UUID Namespace File Name
PDF2Word Object EasyConverter.PDF2Word.4 EasyConverterLib beconv.dll
Loader Object EasyConverter.Loader.4 EasyConverterLoader becloader.exe


Each COM object can behave as an OLE automation server or as an OCX. Almost every development environment on the Windows platform supports the use of this type of object.

The easyConverter Objects work great with