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Here’s how to use Java PDF Library to create PDF Apps with no coding or reading manuals:

Use the best Java HTML to PDF SDK to create PDF Apps. With easy PDF SDK’s Action Center you can generate Java code that customizes HTML to PDF Creation. You can use this code for creating a Java App or include it in your Java program. You don’t need to consult any manual or documentation to start.

1. Download and install easy PDF Action Center to get your Java PDF Library.
2. To access the Java PDF Library, select Java as your programming language.
3. Select the features you want to create with your Java PDF App.
4. Generate Java code and include in your Java project.

Below is some sample code that will get you started in creating a Java PDF App using easy PDF's Java Library:

File inputFile = new File(args[0]);
String nameOfInputFile = inputFile.getCanonicalPath();

File outputFile = new File(args[1]);
String nameOfOutputFile = outputFile.getCanonicalPath();

Printer PDFprinter = new Printer();
PDFprinter.useLoader = false;
  IEPrintJob pjob = PDFprinter.getIEPrintJob();
  pjob.PrintOut(nameOfInputFile, nameOfOutputFile);
catch(PrinterException ex)

easy PDF's Java Library uses a printer driver technology that creates the most accurate PDFs possible from your document. The Java easy PDF Library is available in 32 bit and 64 bit Windows versions. This allows you to build scalable Java PDF apps that have a small enough footprint for desktop applications and are still scalable for enterprise-class operations. easy PDF's Java Library has built-in error handling and sandboxing that allows your Java PDF app to recover from errors and operate without interruption.

Your Java PDF App can also set your PDF format as PDF/A or PDF/X.

Use the best Java PDF Library by downloading easy PDF SDK.

Use the PDF Library being by one of the largest PDF Companies for 100,000s of reliable real-time PDFs per day

easy PDF's Java PDF Library has a number of features that allow the creation of full function Java PDF apps including:

  1. Java PDF Library creates the most accurate PDF possible using printer driver technology;
  2. With Java PDF Library you can interface your Java App via Native Java API or COM Objects;
  3. Java PDF Library allows you to format your document to any paper size and include embedded hyperlinks;
  4. Java PDF Library includes Word and Outlook attachments as PDF to your original document;
  5. Java PDF Library allows multi-threaded Java Apps allowing you to create reliable, scalable Java PDF apps that continue operation after error handling.

Download easy PDF Java PDF Library to use its full feature set.

Customize your PDF using Java PDF Library.

With easy PDF’s Java PDF Library you can set the following features:

  1. Set the PDF output standard to PDF/A or PDF/X..
  2. Digitally sign the PDF.
  3. Encrypt the and secure the PDF.
  4. Set how the PDF will be viewed.
  5. Apply Watermarks and Stamps to the output PDF.
  6. Set PDF Metadata so it can be easily classified.
  7. Set the PDF Image quality for optimizing for detail and file size.
  8. Set PDF fonts so the PDF can have the best display quality.
  9. Set the PDF page layout so that it can be formatted according to your requirements.




To use the Java PDF Library to generate sample Java Apps and code, download the easy PDF SDK and run the Action Center:

  1. Download and install easy PDF SDK
  2. Start the PDF SDK Action Center.
  3. Click to start “API Explorer/Printer”.
  4. Select Java as your programming language.
  5. Select the PDF features you want in your Java PDF App.
  6. Generate a sample Java PDF App to test your program.
  7. Download Java code or Java project to include in your Java PDF App

Here are the things you can do you with Java

- Using easyPDF SDK's PDFProcessor API you can use Java to merge pdf files. This includes both Physical Files and Files loaded into memory as Byte Arrays. After merging you can further Optimize your newly Merged PDF file using PDFProcessor.Optimize.

- Using easyPDF SDK's PDFProcessor API you can merge pdf streams using Java. After merging you can further Optimize your newly Merged PDF file using PDFProcessor.Optimize before writing the File to a Physical Location via your choice of IO Method.


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