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Do you have a set of PDF documents that you want to merge into one PDF document? Do you want to merge office and PDF documents into one PDF document for sending or saving?

You now can merge all your PDFs into a single PDF with our new free service. What’s more you can take any combination of Office documents (Word, Excel, PPT etc.) and PDFs and combine them into a single, manageable PDF.

How to Merge PDF and Office files do the following 4 steps

  1. Click Merge PDF to start the process.
  2. Select the PDF and Office files you want to merge.
  3. Press OK.
  4. Then just wait while we create a merged PDF.

Download SDK for Programmers.

To develop your own PDF APPs without writing any code, download our PDF Action Center. Just pick your programming language, the functions you want and generate sample code, a project file or a sample PDF APP.

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