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PDF-to-Excel API

List of PDF to Excel APIs

Method: ConvertToExcel
Extract Spreadsheets from a PDF Document.

Example Usage

On Error GoTo Convert_Err

        oConverter = CreateObject("EasyConverter.PDF2Excel.5")
        Call oConverter.ConvertToExcel(inFileName, outFileName)
        MsgBox("Success", vbOKOnly + vbInformation)


        oConverter = Nothing
        Exit Sub


        ' Handle error
         MsgBox("Error(" + CStr(Err.Number) + ")", vbOKOnly + vbInformation)

        Resume Convert_End

Property: Sandboxed
Run Instances of the PDF2Excel API In Isolation to ensure proper Error Recovery.

Example Usage

oConverter = CreateObject("EasyConverter.PDF2Excel.5")

' Turn off sandboxing (not recommended)
oConverter.Sandboxed = False
Call oConverter.ConvertToExcel(inFileName, outFileName)
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Linux and OS X Versions
Convert PDF to Word Linux and OS X Versions of easyConverter SDK are available.

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