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1. Why can’t I edit scanned documents?
Scanned PDFs are equivalent to a picture file and cannot be edited the same way as an original PDF created in other software such as Microsoft Word or Excel. If filling out a PDF form, we recommend trying PDF Online Reader.

2. Is there a size limit?
No, there is no size limit. However, there is a limit on how long the server will take to convert your document. For large documents, we recommend that you download the desktop version.

3. Why didn’t my document convert?
Unfortunately our server does occasionally become overwhelmed by high numbers of conversion requests. If your document was not converted, either please try again or download the desktop version.

4. Can I convert encrypted/password-protected PDF’s?
No, our service does not convert PDF’s with security or password restrictions. If you have control of the document, make sure to remove the restrictions before converting the PDF to Word.

5. Why is my RTF file so much bigger than my PDF?
PDF file specification allows for compression while RTF does not. In most cases, the file size will be reduced by saving the RTF file as a DOC or DOCX file.


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