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Use PHP PDF Library to create PHP Apps quickly.

easy PDF's action center allows you to quickly generate sample PHP PDF Code using its PHP PDF Library. You don’t need to read manuals, or write code. Just pick the features you want from easy PDF's powerful PHP PDF Library, and you can generate PHP code that you can incorporate in your PHP PDF App or project.

Here is some sample PHP code you can use in your PHP PDF App:

 // Capture the input file name
  $inputFile = "C:\\temp\\input.docx";
  // Capture the output file name
  $outputFile = "C:\\temp\\output.pdf";

      $Loader = new COM("easyPDF.Loader.8");
      $Printer = $Loader->LoadObject("easyPDF.Printer.8");
      $PrintJob = $Printer->PrintJob;
      $PrintJob->PrintOut ($inputFile, $outputFile);
      print "Success";
  catch(com_exception $e)
      Print "error code".$e->getcode(). "\n";
      print $e->getMessage();

BCL’s PHP PDF Library uses a printer driver technology to ensure the most accurate PDF rendition possible. The plethora of settings in the PHP PDF Library makes customization of the PDF easy. Now your PHP PDF App can create 100% Acrobat compatible PDF files (PDF/A and PDF/X) with minimal effort. Moreover, BCL’s PHP PDF Library is available in 32 bit and 64 bit versions allowing you to deploy your PHP PDF App in any windows platform.

Download easy PDF SDK to create your first PHP PDF app using the PHP PDF Library.

BCL’s PHP PDF Library is the PDF SDK of choice in creating Enterprise PDF Applications.

BCL’s PHP PDF Library boasts a comprehensive PDF feature set for creating and modifying PDF files in PHP Apps.

  1. The PHP PDF Library uses an advanced printer engine for accurate PDF rendition.
  2. You can use Native PHP API or COM Objects.
  3. The PHP PDF Library auto adjusts the source file contents to your PDF paper size and orientation.
  4. The PHP PDF Library preserves Hyperlinks.
  5. The PHP PDF Library is able to include attachments from Outlook messages.
  6. The code generated by the PHP PDF Library is thread-safe and works well in multithreaded environments.

Download PHP PDF Library to experience its power firsthand.

The most versatile PHP PDF Library allows full customization of your PDF

Some of the common features used in building PHP PDF Applications are:

  1. Acrobat compatible PDF output files (PDF/A and PDF/X).
  2. Signing the PDF document digitally.
  3. Support for PDF Encryption and Protection.
  4. PDF Layout settings.
  5. Support for PDF Watermarks and stamps.
  6. PDF Metadata support.
  7. Control of PDF picture quality.
  8. Font translations for smaller PDF footprint.





Use easy PDF SDK’s Action Center to automatically generate PHP code

The PHP PDF Library encapsulates an Action Center which can automatically generate the PHP code for your PHP PDF APP. Just follow the steps below to use the Action Center:

  1. Download the easy PDF SDK and intall it.
  2. Run the easy PDF Action Center.
  3. Start the easy PDF "API Explorer/Printer".
  4. Generate a PHP PDF App.

Here is a screenshot of the action center:


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