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PDF Digital Signatures

If this option is selected, you will be prompted to select a Digital ID when the PDF file is being generated.

Select a Digital ID

You must first select the Digital ID that you would like to use to sign the PDF file. If you do not yet have a Digital ID, you can create a new one or import an existing one. You can also delete an ID in the ALLPDF Digital ID Bank, or view the certificate.

Create a new Digital ID

Click the "New" button to create a new self-signed Digital ID. You will be the owner of this Digital ID, and when you sign a PDF file using this ID, other people can verify that your signature is valid by comparing it with your certificate.


Click [Del] to remove the Digital ID from the ALLPDF Digital ID Bank.


Click [View] to view the Digital ID details.


You can export either your Digital ID or your Certificate.

Export Certificate

When you attach your digital signature to a PDF file, anyone who needs to verify that you signed the document must have a copy of your certificate. To export your certificate, click [Export...] and select [Certificate]. Please note that people can also obtain a copy of your certificate by choosing to trust a document that you have signed. However, physically giving them a *.cer file that they can install and trust is a better practice.

Export Digital ID

You may need to export a copy of your Digital ID file. To export your Digital ID, click [Export...] and select [Digital ID]. Please note that this file is encrypted and you must enter your password to sign a document with this Digital ID.

Signature Details

You can change the signature details associated with a particular PDF file such as "Reason for Signing," "Contact Information," and "Location." This information will be included with your signature.

Signature Location

If you would like your signature to appear as a graphic on the first page of the PDF file, select the [Visible] checkbox. You can then set the size of the graphic by changing the width and height percentages. You can then click anywhere inside the "position box" to choose the coordinates where the graphic should appear.