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Edit Menu

The Edit menu allows you to work on the PDFs in the list a variety of ways.

Opening PDF files

Emailing PDF files

Converting PDF to Word

Merging PDF Files

Extracting pages from PDFs


Opening PDFs

To open a PDF, select it in the list then click Edit > Open... . This will open the selected PDF in a PDF viewer.


Emailing PDFs

To email a PDF, select it in the list then go to Edit > Email... . This will open up your default email client and and allow you to send an email with the PDF attached.

Converting PDF to Word


To convert a PDF to Word, go to Edit > Convert to Word...

The following dialog box will show up:



If you do not want the document to open after conversion, uncheck the checkbox next to "Open Word document after conversion".

You can also choose to only convert a range of pages from PDF instead of the full document.

Once you are satisfied with the settings, simply click on the Convert button to start converting the PDF into Word.
Then select where to save the Word document.




Merging PDF


To merge PDFs, select the PDFs you want to merge and then go to Edit > Merge Selected PDFs.

Select where you want to save your PDF and enter in a name for the new PDF. Once you are satisfied, click "Save". The PDFs will be merged, and the new PDF will appear in the list once created.


Extracting PDF


To extract pages from a PDF, select the PDF the go to Edit > Extract Pages...

This will bring up a window in which you can choose what pages to extract. Once you have selected the pages you want to extract, click "Ok".

You will be asked where you want to save the extracted pages. Pick a location and click "Save". The pages will be extracted and saved in a seperate PDF.