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I can't edit the Word output

Last Updated: 6/7/12

There are several reasons on why you can't edit the Word output:

  1. Your original PDF is a scanned-in PDF.
    PDF that was scanned-in acts just like image. The text is not recognized as "text", but as an image of the text. In this case, easyConverter Desktop will simply extract the image into Word. To check if your PDF is a scanned-in PDF, open it in Acrobat and try copying and pasting the text to Notepad. If the text can be selected and copied to Notepad, then your PDF is not a scanned-in PDF and you can use BCL easyConverter Desktop to convert it to Word.
  2. Your original PDF is protected.
    To find out whether your PDF file is protected, open your PDF file in Acrobat X, go to File > Properties and select the "Security" tab. If it disallowed "Content Copying," BCL easyConverter Desktop will not be able to extract the PDF content.
  3. PDF form.
    BCL easyConverter Desktop does not support PDF form. The form fields in your PDF will be converted into images.
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