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OEM Distribution Licensing

BCL Technologies offers its SDK Products for licensing by OEM partners and system integrators

While BCL easyPDF SDK and BCL easyConverter SDK meet specific consumer demands, we recognize that some technology users require PDF generation and conversion functionalities to be completely integrated within their commercial applications.

We address this need by designing our SDK products to be available to OEM partners in an easily-integrated COM format that can be plugged into virtually any Windows-based technology.

To learn more, contact us at 1-408-557-0230 or email us at info3@bcltechnologies.com.

Become Our OEM Partner

Thousands of companies worldwide use our SDK Products directly, and tens of thousands more use the technology indirectly via our growing network of OEM partners.

An OEM partnership with BCL Technologies is much more than technology. It is designed to fit your company’s unique business and software development requirements, and to ensure success. We welcome software and solution companies who are interested in providing all or part of easyPDF SDK product offering as:

  • Re-branded
  • Co-branded
  • Embedded software product

Our OEM Partner Program is intended for companies that are currently developing, marketing, and supporting their own portfolio of products and also require the additional PDF related functionality that BCL Technologies can provide.

By integrating BCL Technologies products, OEM Partners are able to:

  • Accelerate their time to market,
  • Lower research and development costs, while
  • Leverage BCL Technologies proven solutions.

OEM partners will enjoy the benefit of instantly providing an extension to their current product offering while maintaining their own brand identity, allowing them to add revenue from their current install base or enter into new markets.

To learn more, contact us at 1-408-557-0230 or email us at info3@bcltechnologies.com.

Partial list of our OEM Partners


PriceWaterhouse Coopers
Advanced Solutions, Inc.
Rehder/Partner GmbH
Generator Software
Parametrix Solutions AG
Estorian, Inc
Phoenix American Sales Focus Solutions
Midas Data AS


Case Study logo

TaxWorks has been a professional tax software industry leader for over 30 years, rated #1 since 1972 by leading publications, associations and customers. Taxworks is now marketing a new document management and archival system, ArkWorks. Its 6000 Beta versions have been sent out as of 1Q 2006, using BCL Technologies easyPDF SDK as its PDF creation and manipulation engine.


To learn more, contact us at 1-408-557-0230 or email us at info3@bcltechnologies.com.

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